Newsletter Announcement


We’ve updated how we are managing, producing and distributing club announcements and meeting minutes. We are also ceasing production of the Keeping Track newsletter. A special callout is necessary to Mike Ward, and Peter Mosley before him, for their fine work on the newsletter.

The reason for this change is to reduce the complexity of our meeting minutes creation and distribution process. We also wanted to eliminate the redundancy between creating the newsletter and our website effort to communicate runday and workday activities. We are a small club and we are trying to keep things as simple as possible for the tremendous team that currently works on our communications. To this end we created a new Club News section on our website where we will post meeting minutes. We may as needed also post other important club news here.

When something is posted that is significant for our members we will send out an email with a link that will direct readers to the Club News section of the website—similar to the monthly email we have been sending that pointed people to the newsletter.

To preserve our historical archive of meeting minutes we have keep our old newsletters accessible. You can click the link below to get to our old newsletter archive.

Old Newsletters