August Operations Council Minutes

Bridge installation team celebrates

The shop team toast at the end of a warm day

PV&A RR Operations Council Minutes, 22 August 2019 

Bob called the meeting to order at 12:41PM

The previous Minutes were approved

Financial report: Kevin H.  We have $3,619.02 in the bank, with no Accounts Receivable.

PV&A RR now has 64 members   (Dee officially joined)

North Yard - (Kevin Hayashi) – Carl fixed the Switch which joins the North Yard to the Mountain Route.  Kevin re-leveled the road crossover.

Lumber Camp Return Loop -

Bridge Fabrication - (Tom) The second half of the main arch is Underway.  Waiting for foundation installation to establish leg height.

Foundations - (Bruce) Smokey Hole for above section dug; form made; awaiting concrete, rebar under construction .

Right-of-Way Grading  & Track (Kevin) – Kevin & Bill finalizing grade heights; need to widen the ROW a bit to fit the full 50 foot radius.

Small Redwood Trestle & Bridge wood decking. Need ~5 foundations for the trestle plus an abutment at end of surface track. Bridge decking purchased, cross hold downs complete, ready for installation.

Bridge Installation – Half of the entire bridge structure, including the truss section over the High Bridge Yard, adjoining the small arch and half of the main arch are in place. Not yet welded to the foundation until other sections are completed and moved into their places.

Redwood Trestle - (Ken)  Russ & Dee’s daughters tightened all the main bolts. Russ tightened up the Howe Pony Truss bridge bolts; (except cross bolts; for which we need a ladder and a brave person)

Caboose Loop.  No change since last month.  Septic system moved and completed.  Need to wait ‘til excess water seeps out; then we finish the last grading at the intersection of the Redwood Canyon tunnel and bridge.  

Other ROW: Rabbit flat water trench needs filling.

2020 Budget.  Board will meet next week to start preparation of the budget for 2020 to figure out costs and the sequence of work to be done.  Cost estimate assignments will be delegated, and assignees will prepare estimates so we can set the budget by end of September for presentation to the family in October.

Little Buildings - (Ron) Finished the pharmacy building and crossing guard shack.  Other Guard shack is too damaged to repair, but Ron is going to save the roof and build a whole new base building

Ron talked to Gary Sorenson; working on Oddfellows building; almost done, looks good.

We will use a token system to signify availability of track access in un-signaled bi-directional section of track.  Currently there is one section of the Alpine Route. The tokens are only required under special directional running circumstances. Ron will build a small structure to hold tokens.

Windmill - Dick rebuilt with sealed ball bearings.  Works great.

Signage - 6 new signs being made. Dick to meet with Mike to confirm the contents of the signs.


Aug: Water ROW

Oct: Operational meet Postponed until next year; Richard Kroll will lead.

Oct:  Night run

Station house decluttering is complete now.

Meeting adjourned at 1:05 PM