track map

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First built in 1979 by the owner and several friends, the original track was laid with aluminum rail and scale wooden ties. As the interest in the railroad grew and more volunteers came to work, and run their equipment, a group was chartered by the owner to expand and maintain the railroad. 

The route initially went around a small lake at the top left of the map but then was expanded to a double track that goes through a tunnel, up a nice grade and over a large bridge to get to a balloon loop. By the late 1990s the original track was in bad shape and a major project was undertaken to replace all the aluminum rail with steel rail. This made maintenance much easier and improved the safety of the railroad. Please visit the scenic tour gallery for photos along the line, pictures of bridges, trestles, and tunnels.  

A massive expansion is now underway with the construction of the new Caboose Route—shown in red on the map above.