June Operations Council Minutes

Bridge installation team celebrates

Bridge installation team celebrates

Meeting opened at 12:30pm

Review and Approve May Minutes - Motion to Approve by Kevin H. Seconded, Approved.

Finance Report - Kevin Hayashi 

$2,954.95 in account and $250 in memberships.  An accounts receivable due from memberships of $50.00. 63 members with awaiting payment from 1.

Remaining Year’s Finances - Board met and felt the finances were in good shape for all current projects.  Did not need to ask the Family at this time for additional funding. However, this did not include any money for the tunnel work.  

Project Status

North Yard - Kevin Hayashi

The North Yard mountain route crossover has been connected and is functional. It still needs to have a final tamping and rail guard boards added. 

Lumber Camp Return Bridge - Bill Boller 

Tom is finishing the arches today.  Bill is cutting parts of the main arch.  Tom’s archwork needs to be installed to ensure the grade work is correct before Bill leaves for vacation.  

Bill says the right-of-way needs some grading and re-surveying including the caboose loop area.  

Although the caboose loop right-of-way was worked on due to equipment availability it will not be pursued much further when the equipment goes away, The Lumber Camp project will still have priority for this year.  Moving the bridge segment will require all-hands and the forklift to move it into its field location.

Lumber Camp Redwood Trestle - Ken 

5 trestle segments are built, just waiting for their height to be established. 

Caboose Loop Trestle - Ken 

Dirt is waiting for Ken to continue to cover the exposed pier blocks.

Run Weekend Event - Bob S.  

113 guests are scheduled to attend the coming weekend run date.  May need to look at limiting attendance for next year’s event. Ken will take care of parking.  Main parking is the old tank courtyard. Lunch is $8.00 per person for burgers and hot dogs. Russ will water down the track.  Everyone with guests should try to get them to sign the Waivers in advance to keep things moving.

Completion of the North Yard/Crossover will have a ribbon-cutting ceremony around 10:30am.  No formal plans on Sunday, so anyone who wants to run a steamer on Sunday should water the track themselves in advance of their run.  

The door lock to the Station House is not working.  Jake will be notified to have a locksmith work on it.  

Everyone is responsible for their own guests and to keep their children under control from a safety standpoint and away from the Steaming Bay.

Safety, Miscellaneous and Procedure notes

PV&A RR took ownership of the two forklifts which will be housed in building 4. We are responsible for fuel and maintenance as our expense henceforth. 

IMPORTANT:  Make certain the toaster oven and coffee pot are turned off after use. 

Everyone is responsible for their own guests and to keep their children under control from a safety standpoint and away from the Steaming Bays.

Meeting ended at 1:08pm.