July 18th - Workday


The crack summer team was working end-to-end along the right-of-way. No-see-’em bugs seemed to target anyone who stood still. See if you can spot one?

Overdue maintenance was performed on sprinklers, switches, and the North Yard crossover. Carl, Tom, & Jerry continued to work on the Lumber Camp bridge’s center arch.

July 11th - Workday


Mike displayed the first of three maps of the PV&A RR right-of-way. Framed in redwood felled and milled on the ranch, this is a long overdue update to our seven year old map. Contributors to the map project were Mike Masse, Peter Blum, Mike Ward, Randy Ahlkvist, Bill Boller, and Bob Silverstein. If you’d like your own unframed copy you can visit the track map webpage.

Teams worked on needed repairs to the right-of-way and the sprinkler system. Kevin repaired the North Yard -> Mountain Route crossover that was damaged during the bridge move. The crossover is again open for use.