July Operations Council Minutes

Bridge installation team celebrates

Dee and Bob (taking picture) prepare the first bridge section for painting

July 25th 2019 Operations Council Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened at 12:30 pm

Review and Approve Minutes - Motion to Approve Approved by Bruce, seconded by Kevin H.
(this month’s minutes taken by Ken K, Thanks !)

Finance Report - (Kevin Hayashi)  $4,718.13 in account AR is zero 2019 allowance of $3,500 received (whole year) We now have 62 members 3 dropped for non-payment.

Project Status Reports:

North Yard - (Kevin Hayashi) - Crossover to main line removed, straightened  and reinstalled. Drive crossing boards installed.  Switch needs attention.

Lumber Camp Return Loop -

Bridge Welding - (Tom) Section C 32 feet is underway.  Degreasing before leaving the shop is crucial (thanks Dee!)

Foundations - (Bruce) Smokey Point underway. 

Right-of-Way Grading (Kevin) - Surveying the ascending loop from the Summit to the Redwood Trestle section. All looks good.

Small Redwood Trestle at Lumber Camp Bridge - nothing new

Bridge Installation - Nothing is welded in place yet to allow for other sections to be moved in their places.

Redwood Trestle - (Ken) Discussed bolt tightening this year; deferred to Mike.

Caboose Loop.  Board needs to decide on what is needed to complete the Caboose Loop.  Not much more will be done this year, however.  

Little Buildings - (Ron) - Will start on some additional buildings that he will build to hold the tokens at the Lumber Camp Bridge area. 

Run Days - This weekend.  No steamers planned, so no watering of the track is needed. 
October will be a Night Run. A great time to bring guests that want a special experience. 
There will be a $10.00 charge per person for dinner.

Cleanup of the Station House Table - Some items are up for grabs: Railroad Lamp, Plastic Coupler, etc. 

Burma Shave Signs (Dick) - Looking for the sign posts to hold the newly-made plastic signs.  Anyone know where they are?

Signage (Bob) - Need to ask Bill Boller as to what signage is needed at the end of the North Yard.

Meeting ended at 12:53 pm.