Caboose Route Expansion

A massive multi-year expansion is now underway with the construction of the new Caboose Route. When completed, this route will add 3,650 feet of track, where it ends in a loop around a full size caboose, with spectacular views of the lake and main yards. Numerous trestles and bridges wind in and around the existing track, giving the railroad a certain kind of intrigue as trains will get a view of each other coming and going much more often as the center of the track becomes a spaghetti-bowl of route options. Currently, a 410 ft length of track consisting mostly of bridge and trestle work has been opened as an alternative route from Rabbit Flat to Alpine Summit. You can see plans and existing track in the track map.

This project has many sub-projects including—but not limited to: the Lumber Camp Bridge, Loop and North Spur; the Alpine Crossover bridges (a set of 5 bridges); the Silver Bridges, the Redwood Canyon Bridge and Tunnel, the Redwood Trestle; and the Caboose Loop;.