New Yard Signaling System

Lance Ginner and Peter Moseley designed a new yard signaling system for the railroad. The approach to the yard is on a curve and it is hard to see which tracks are occupied. The yard entrance is on a ladder track and we have had trouble with engineers moving the remotely operated switches while trains were still on them. In addition we have had some near misses as trains have tried to leave simultaneously on converging tracks. So we designed a system to account for each of these problems. An IR beam was placed so any train on the ladder track would trip a signal and illuminate all the overhead lights red as well as turn on a red light on the switch panel to warn engineers to not move points. Each yard track was broken into two blocks for a total of eight. If a train is in the far block, the light for that track goes yellow. If a train is in the near block the light goes red for that track. If a train is on a foul point the light for that track and the adjacent one goes red. At the yard exit we placed ground level lights which are green if no trains are in the yard, yellow if a train is on any track on the yard and red if a train has entered the foul point or is blocking a second beam upon departure.

Lance Ginner did the electrical design and most of the installation with help from Glenn McGhee, Peter Moseley, John Dolph and others.

Lance Ginner working on the installation.

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